3 Victoria Quay kitchen refurbishment

Interview with the owner: Refurbishing

3 Victoria Quay

When it came to renovating a family property in Salcombe, co-owners, John and Alex chose to work with REFURB in order to create a vision to update it for use as a holiday home, manage the refurbishment and renovation process, and procure the interior details to get it up and running. We spoke to John to find out why they chose to work with us and how they found the process.

Refurbishment 3 Victoria Quay

How did you first come across REFURB ?

I found them online and they really stood out as understanding the industry and the different aspects of property and project management along with their sister company at Pebbles.  We wanted a comprehensive service to run the project - someone who could manage the whole process so that we didn’t have to manage all the different trades required to do the job properly. We have refurbished houses before on our own and living in Bristol, with another owner in Australia, we knew enough to know that with the distance this would be better managed by professionals.

Refurbishment 3 Victoria Quay

Did you have a clear idea about what you wanted to do with the property?

Not style wise, but we did in terms of level of transformation. We wanted it to be completely refurbished, for lots of positive reasons. The family has a long association with Salcombe, so we wanted to keep the property but give it a fresh presentation.  What we didn’t want to do was refurbish it for our use and then for it not be used half the time, because that’s a bit of a shame for the local community - it’s not fair if it’s empty, without people contributing to local economy - so we wanted to be able to use it ourselves, but also to make it suitable for letting.

Refurbishment 3 Victoria Quay

How did you find the process deciding on details with REFURB?

I felt very confident that they had the experience, the expertise and the links with the trades required to execute the project properly. That became very obvious in our first meeting with Katherine. It’s very apparent when someone’s on their game and knows what they’re doing, and it was clear that they could do a great job. We got a proposal for it, which was very comprehensive, and took into account the plan to refurbish it, rent it and have some weeks where we could use it ourselves. The team understood that we wanted something that would be attractive for people to rent with high quality materials and an upmarket but generic presentation with nothing too personal and without lots of family clutter. The reviews reflect the success of that vision.

Refurbishment 3 Victoria Quay

What did you find helpful and why during the refurbishment process?

The communication process throughout the refurbishment phase was great. The web portal in particular was helpful for Alex, who was heavily involved but lives in Australia. We also had a few Zoom calls, but the fact that we had regular pictures of what was going on and good communication showing that the team were delivering what was expected, was great. We felt connected to it and were aware of the things that we needed to know about but weren’t bothered with the things we didn’t. We went into the difficulties of the pandemic during the project, and the pressures that put on were all managed very well. The relationships between REFURB and their subcontractors bore fruit and there’s clearly a lot of loyalty because they all worked hard for each other. We were able to step back and know that people were working hard in the background, and it was ready for letting shortly after the first 2020 lockdown ended.

Refurbishment 3 Victoria Quay

Are you pleased with the results and why?

Yes. I think the reviews speak for us - we have been very pleased with the results and so have our guests. The team came up with some particular suggestions that we wouldn’t have thought of, which I think are great. For example, upstairs there are two bedrooms and they had a large built-in wardrobe in the dividing wall, which took up lots of space with things that holiday makers don’t need. So, REFURB suggested taking those out and having hangers with hooks and a chest of drawers instead - because no one brings that many hanging items on holiday - and that has really opened up the space.


Overall, I just felt confident all along that the team knew the market and what to do from a construction perspective, as well as the details the property needed for rentals. From the start, Katherine conveyed a level of understanding and expertise that put us all at ease. She understood all aspects of the project and the thought process was complete. Her plans encompassed everything that needed to be achieved.

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