The financial benefits of investing in your home

One of the most common concerns that we hear from home owners is how to make a financial success of a holiday home.  

The expenses of wear and tear, the cost of maintaining the garden or upgrading the kitchen all seem like cosmetic costs.  However, through the combined experience of both our management and refurbishment teams our property owners have been able to report real financial benefit from investing in their homes in addition to the enhanced enjoyment value that we can help to provide by limiting the more stressful and time consuming elements of owning a holiday home.

As a case in point, we worked with the owners of Seaquest, who bought a property as a holiday cottage in Hope Cove while living in Edinburgh.  Having contacted us to manage the refurbishment project when they first purchased the property in 2016, the project was a complete renovation inside and out including removing walls and rearranging the property layout. 

In 2017, the owners decided to move to Devon and in doing so, sold Seaquest in order to buy a larger property, selling at a 17% profit after just 18 months.  

They said: “we sold it for a significant profit thanks to the quality of the REFURB refurbishment.”

We sold it for a significant profit thanks to the quality of the REFURB refurbishment
Owners of Seaquest

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